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Yellow Brick Road Box Hill is a mortgage broking services company that is passionate about securing the optimal financial solution for every client. 

At Yellow Brick Road – Box Hill we recognise that one size does not fit all.

Our person-centric approach, with our client at the centre of everything we do, assures that our team is always working to ensure the best possible solution for each client.

Our branch values are Honesty, Expertise, Loyalty, and Professionalism. 

Whether you are looking to secure a home, vehicle or personal loan, or seeking a commercial loan or capital equipment finance for your business, Yellow Brick Road – Box Hill can HELP find the right finances for you.

TBA Street, Box Hill NSW 2765
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Meet the Box Hill team

Rachel-Mona Diab
Principal Mortgage Broker

Rachel Diab works tirelessly with corporate and personal investors to achieve their property and financial goals. As an experienced mortgage broker and a previous Small Business Banking Manager for NAB, Rachel is well versed with a wide range of solutions to greatly assist her clients.

As a mother of 3 children, Rachel is very passionate about helping families and business owners in her local area achieve their financial freedom. 

Rachel has a reputation for her integrity and faithful service, her unique approach to every situation ensures that each client receives a personalised experience with the right advice.

Rachel always takes time to support her local businesses and community groups. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys riding her Harley Davidson and is the Ladies of Harley officer for the local Harley owners Group. 

Rachel joined Yellow Brick Road for its unique business model with its distinct focus on providing all Australians access to quality financial advice to help them achieve their goals. 

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