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Company announcements, reporting, and upcoming events for company shareholders. YBR is an unlisted public company and a disclosing entity.

Yellow Brick Road Holdings Limited is an industry disruptor on track to become the leading non-bank lender and mortgage broking services company in Australia.

Yellow Brick Road’s national mortgage broking franchises offers australian families a better, local alternative to the banks. A network of professionals, with innovative products backed by a high quality panel of lenders that provide great value to customers. A trusted network of expert local business owners delivers customer engagement that the banks can’t match.

The Vow Financial business provides independent mortgage brokers a business platform with a broad array of services and true choice in service packages versus conventional aggregators.

YBR is now an unlisted public company and a disclosing entity as of the close of trading on Monday, 27 November 2023 under Listing Rule 17.11, at the request of YBR, after security holders resolved to remove YBR from the Official List, voting  89% in favour of the resolution. For more informationation click here.

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Yellow Brick Road?

Mark Bouris explains what Yellow Brick Road does and how the business earns money.

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