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03rd Aug, 2016 | Local News

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To Warren West, failure was not an option. He went above and beyond our expectations.

Warren West

Failure is not an option to Warren West

I wish to offer this testimonial and commendation to Warren West, Principal & Wealth Manager, Yellow Brick Road Sunbury.

Warren introduced himself to me in November 2015. He expressed an interest in understanding our personal and business financial position. Frankly we thought we were doing well until we met with Warren and it became evident that we were wasting a ridiculous amount of money on interest repayments and bad debt without significantly reducing the principle. In other words, we were making the Banks a lot of money which we should have been making for us!

Warren proposed a financial plan for us that involved refinancing our property to consolidate our debts, reduce our repayments, lower our interest rates and amortise the principle. More importantly we would release a significant cash flow that would help us to further reduce our outstanding debt and prevent us from relying on credit again.

In December he lodged an application with NAB and in January 2016 they approved it and we signed the contracts. So, that should have been that; but alas, the NAB Banker assigned to our portfolio had other ideas and the refinancing was not fulfilled.

I would think most Brokers would just shrug their shoulders at that point and say, “Well, I tried my best…sorry!”

Not Warren. He applied himself over a difficult 7-month period and didn’t stop searching for a workable solution until he sourced a better deal with Westpac which used the same figures to approve our application and happily grant us more funds at less interest to service our original plan. It was an outcome which will have a positive effect on our life for decades to follow.

Failure was not an option. He went above and beyond our expectations to deliver on his promises to us and he was a constant source of support and encouragement. This is a commission truly earned and probably well beneath the effort and professionalism he demonstrated. Warren’s integrity and transparency are also beyond dispute.

We’re pleased to have dealt with Warren and his friendly staff. We would have no hesitation working with him again and we have no hesitation recommending his professional services.

John M Wood

Managing Director
PPM Pty Ltd

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