Single Mum Achieves Her Dream

10th Aug, 2017 | Local News

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One thing I’ve noticed working in finance is that you end up becoming like a Life Coach.

Effie Nicol

My job is not just about managing the loan application process (although that is a big part of it), it’s also about listening to what a client really wants – their hopes and dreams.

Take Radha for example. She came to see me with a dream: she wanted to own her own piece of Australia. But as a single mum to two kids the odds were really stacked against her. Every bank and mortgage company she’d been to see had turned her away because they said her income alone was not enough to secure a loan.

Here’s what happened when Radha came to see me, in her own words:

“I had always wanted to own a house. My father was a farmer and growing up I lived in a big house with lots of land. I wanted the feel of my own grass and to have my own roof over my head. But my husband never wanted to buy property, so we just didn’t. I didn’t want to give up on my dream so I decided to set up a savings account where I put away a little bit of money at a time so my husband didn’t know about it.

“When we split up, I became both the mother and the father for our two kids. I grew up in Fiji and life was very different there. My parents didn’t have money and we went without all the time. It hurt me to think that if I didn’t set my kids up right they would have nothing, so I took on two jobs, working seven days a week. Thanks to my earlier planning, I had a good amount of savings, and thought that would be enough to get a loan so I could finally own my own place.

“But when I went to see the bank they were so negative. They said my income on its own wasn’t enough to get a mortgage, even with my savings. I went to so many places, hoping someone would look at my situation differently, but I just kept being disappointed.

“I was nearly ready to stop trying when a friend recommended YBR to me, and I made an appointment to go see Effie. That’s when everything changed. Instead of telling me no straight away, Effie gave me hope that I could achieve my dream. I started to see things positively again.

“One of the best things about Effie is that she always finds a way. She helped me understand that even though I couldn’t afford to buy something in the Inner West of Sydney, I still had options. We decided it would be best to buy a more affordable property in the outskirts of Sydney.

“Then Effie helped me to set up a savings plan. She said if you do this and this, in one year’s time I’ll help you finance a place. And she did! I now own a four bedroom house with a big backyard.”

Radha is so proud of her achievements and I’m really proud of her too! She stuck to her plan and achieved her dream. As well as purchasing her home, with the help of a trusted financial planner we made sure that her assets are protected through insurance and sorted out her super funds for when she eventually retires. And even more exciting, she and her daughter are about to buy their next place – a town house in Sydney that the whole family can share!

I’ll tell you more about the next phase of Radha’s journey in next week’s post. Of course, if you can’t wait, you can visit me at and I’ll give you the inside scoop on how you can make your dream a reality, just like Radha.

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