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27th Apr, 2017 | Local News

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Australians Love Property: Carol gives you a rundown on some important property trends

Carol Russell

As a nation we sure do love property.

But it’s the way we juggle and prioritise our dreams that suggests many Australians could do with some advice, or least a guiding hand from your local Yellow Brick Road Castle Hill property and mortgage experts. I say this because once you see property as not just a financial equation, but also tied up with much deeper motivations, you realise that one size does not fit all.

A home loan that’s good for me may not be so good for someone else, so it’s crucial you do your own research and get some expert advice before you sign anything.

Have a look at how priorities change by state: A recent survey found that New South Welshmen are more concerned than anyone about buying their first home or investment property. Victorians are more interested than anyone to buy their first home and to travel, but are less interested in retiring in comfort.

More Queenslanders want to earn a qualification and retire comfortably but they have less interest in helping their children buy property than other Australians. Northern Territorians are most focused on having a sea change or tree change while Tasmanians are less interested in buying their first home and more focused on paying off their mortgage and retiring in comfort

Australian Capital Territory residents are more focused on having a family and sticking to a budget, whereas South Australians want to pay off their mortgage and get their debt under control. Western Australians want to own a boat, get into shape and get a more exciting job. But they’re decidedly less interested in buying their first home.

Just as there are many different property markets in Australia – most of which are driven by their own little micro-climates as well as the larger things such as interest rates – it turns out there are many different priorities. A person of similar background to you who lives across the street, may have similar dreams; but a person similar to you who lives in a neighboring city, may have very different goals.

If this survey shows us anything, it’s that we are all different and we all attribute different importance to buying a home, buying investment property, paying off a mortgage and planning for retirement. So in order to make your financial dreams come true, it’s important that you get the right advice from the experienced and skilled advisers, like our one of our mortgage brokers.

To see how your dreams compare visit or make an appointment with your local Yellow Brick Road Castle Hill mortgage broker today.

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