Post Settlement Expectations from Your Mortgage Broker

17th Oct, 2020 | First Home Buyer, Investor

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Service from a good mortgage broker goes well beyond settlement date.

Getting a home loan from a mortgage broker has changed in the past 10 to 20 years. Where it was once a single transaction to get into a home, now good mortgage brokers are creating valuable relationships which will see you supported long after settlement.

Here’s what you can expect from your Yellow Brick Road mortgage broker after the settlement of your loan.

Follow up

We’ll be in contact after your mortgage is finalised to make sure everything is running smoothly. This includes checking your loan accounts are set up and that you understand how to use your loan features.

Our ongoing support includes interest rate alerts, a monthly newsletter and relevant updates about your loan.

Annual review

Our home loan health check is a chance to review your loan. We want to make sure the interest rate remains competitive and that the loan continues to align with your personal and financial circumstance. For variable loans, this review is conducted annually. For fixed rate loans, we schedule a review once the loan comes up for renewal. With our help and advice, you can make an informed choice about whether to switch to fixed or variable.  

We have you covered on all stages of your property journey

Negotiation with your lender

Mortgage brokers are keen negotiators, and we will use our skills to help get the best deal for you upfront or down the track. If your current lender isn’t coming to the party, we’ll find one that will. Interest rate savings are nothing to be sneezed at – they can save you thousands over the term of your loan.

Research options

By sharing your financial hopes and dreams with your broker, we can proactively research and provide you with options that may help you meet your goals. We’re active in the market, so we have valuable insight about lender nuances, application challenges and market conditions.

Your next purchase

Thinking about your next purchase? Speaking to someone you’re comfortable with and who knows your situation can help take the stress factor out of your next home loan application. It’s a simpler process when your information is held on file; all you need to do is a simple update. Get help and advice without having to explain yourself again.

Build a relationship

Relationships built on trust are a critical factor in the financial services space. Having a trusted adviser on your side can give you the confidence to seek the expert advice you need to make essential property purchasing decisions.

Yellow Brick Road mortgage brokers are about value over volume. You’ll never be just a number with us. We’re happy to answer your questions, review your loan or help you get into another property. Full service, not full stop. Chat to us today.