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16th Apr, 2018 | Local News

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“Watch the cents and the dollars will look after themselves and don’t touch the super.”

Warren West

My father was the source of some of the most memorable pieces of financial advice I’ve ever received.

Two pieces of advice he gave me I’ve never forgotten.

The first was when I was just 15 years old and was in the car being driven to my work experience. As a young lad, I had some big visions for myself so I was talking about trying to earn some big bucks!

My dad told me to ‘watch the cents and the dollars will look after themselves’. This was his way of trying to tell me that it was as much about what you spend as it is about what you earn!

I also had a quite somber memory of my dad giving me some of his advice, that I’m able to laugh about now.

As my dad was passing away from a long illness, he kept telling me to make sure my mum did not touch the super investments.

I now joke that my dad’s last breath was ‘don’t touch the super’…

Well, mum’s super fund has more than doubled in nine years and she has been able to live off the interest as well. My dad knew what he was talking about!

Well, I’m now the branch principal of Yellow Brick Road Sunbury and Melton and I still think back to this advice today.

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