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Are 'true' mortgage rates a lie?

Find out what 'true' mortgage rates are and what they mean for you in the long-run.
2018-05-29 by Damian James

Looking to enter the Perth property market?

YBR Leederville gives you their top tips on how to enter the Perth property market.
2018-05-22 by Damian James

When should you refiance your home loan?

Find out how refinancing can save you money in the long-run.
2018-04-03 by Damian James

Tips for Tenants

YBR Leederville's Damian James outlines his top tips for tennants to keep in mind.
2018-03-23 by Damian James

Understanding your spending habits

Having trouble saving money? It is important to understand your spending habits.
2018-03-06 by Damian James

Think, consider, plan and then act

Think, consider and plan. #myfinancialadvice Yellow Brick Road Perth
2016-04-19 by Damian James

#myfinancialadvice right foot

‘Have a budget and better still, stick to it and review it every three months.’
2016-04-18 by Ashton Young