ANZ Qualify & Loanapp Integration

26th Jul, 2022 | Branch News 26 July 2022, Lender Updates

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ANZ will be running a webinar on Thursday, 28 July.

ANZ is excited to announce that they are introducing a new capability to assist brokers when submitting a home loan application to ANZ.

ANZ is always looking to incorporate suggestions and feedback from their Brokers: in response, the new capability will improve accuracy and save Brokers time when submitting an application to ANZ by automatically transferring the serviceability data from ANZ Qualify into Loanapp.

In the coming weeks, you will hear more about how ANZ Qualify will be integrated with Loanapp, easily transferring a broker’s serviceability calculation into a home loan application with ANZ.

ANZ will be running a webinar for the brokers on Thu 28 July at 3pm:
Click Here To View The ANZ Qualify to Loanapp Integration Session (Salestrekker) Broadcast.

Participate in the webinar to get further insight and a live demonstration of how the new capability will work for you.

As always, there will be an opportunity to provide feedback for further enhancements, as ANZ continues to progress with this exciting initiative.

For any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to send them to Paul Brick at [email protected].

If you have any questions, refer to your YBR BDM.