Ynet Updates

16th May, 2022 | Branch News 17 May 2022

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Recent enhancements to help you stay on top of the system.

There are 2 new updates to the system after the last deployment, and we would like to bring these to your attention as they may help you.

  1. Receive a notification when a lead is assigned to you

You can now select a new reminder in your personal settings: “Existing deal where ownership changed to me”

Please activate this so that you receive a notification when a lead is assigned to you (whether internally in your office or by Head Office).

Email reminders are free and unlimited, or you can use the SMS option if you stay on top of your credits (check Billing Details).

  1. New 2FA SMS Option

You now have the option to select SMS rather than use your authenticator app for a login code.

2FA via authenticator allows you to remember the device for 30 days, however the SMS option will require you to enter the code at each log in. 

If you prefer this option, you will need to de-activate your current 2FA, then follow the steps to re-activate it.

If you are setting this up for the first time, please ensure that your mobile number is correct and in full, and there are no spaces before, in between or after the number.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Click on My password and security
  2. Click on Protect My Account
  3. Click on the SMS radio button
  4. You will instantly receive an SMS to your mobile
  5. Enter the 6 digit code
  6. Click on Activate Two-Factor Authentication