YBR Lead Management Process

08th Mar, 2023 | Branch News March 9th 2023

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YBR Lead Management Process update – Important News!

It has been just over seven months since the Lead Management Process was launched and we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for coming with us on this journey, and for helping to highlight any kinks in the road.

We are working hard to record the leads in effectively, monitoring stages & outcome/s as a group and helping the network to continue to improve where required.

We take this opportunity to remind you to use Ynet the way it has been designed. For example, with lead management, ensure to add regular notes in all your leads, ensure that leads are moved to the correct workflow stages and mark them with the right outcomes (Lost, Paused, Settled). Please ensure all staff that are involved in the loan process in your business are aware of the steps and process required.

Our YBR BDMs (Kim and Carly) and Ynet Platform Trainer (Celina) are here to help guide you with the process and will be touching base with you to offer any assistance required.

We will be providing a national webinar soon to further assist you in your businesses with this process. 

In the meantime we are providing the Leads Management Process again in this link here, mapped out to assist you, and your teams, to understand the correct process of managing leads in your business.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Support Staff for assistance, and always, provide us with the constructive feedback we need to continue our path of improvement together.

Leads Management Process Refresher