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19th Oct, 2021 | Branch News 26th October 2021, Lender Updates

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Your business clients can now borrow up to $3M for up to 30 years with ANZ's help.

ANZ has extended the maximum loan term on an ANZ Business Loan of less than $3 million from 15 years to up to 30 years when secured by suitable commercial property. This could provide your clients with more choices to help run or grow their businesses.

30-year loan term potential benefits:

  • Fund business expansion
  • Invest in growth opportunities
  • Manage cash flow with lower repayments

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Help your clients understand the potential benefits of longer-term financing, whether it be freeing up cash flow, funding business growth or taking advantage of opportunities that were previously out of reach.

 To learn more, please get in touch with your ANZ Broker Manager or Banker today or alternatively, please reach out to your BDM. 

Important Information

1. Excludes Business Mortgage Loans (no longer offered), Agri Finance Loans (no longer offered) and Asset Finance loans.

2. Eligibility and credit criteria will apply, including:

  • total credit facilities with ANZ, including new loan funds as part of the application and any credit facilities held by related entities, must be less than $3 million;
  • loan purpose acceptable by ANZ: and
  • provision of security acceptable to ANZ, meeting ANZ’s security requirements including minimum security coverage and suitable security location.

3. A longer loan term will usually result in:

  • a lower amount of principal being repaid in each regular repayment; and
  • the total amount of interest payable being higher than a shorter-term loan as a result of the longer loan term during which interest is paid.

All applications for credit are subject to ANZ’s normal credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions, fees and charges and standard minimum loan amounts apply. ANZ recommends the applicable terms and conditions be read before acquiring the product.