Update on ANZ Health

25th Oct, 2022 | Branch News 27 October 2022, Lender Updates

In this article:
ANZ launched their latest ANZ-Melbourne Institute Health Sector Report.

ANZ has recently launched a report in conjunction with Melbourne Uni and Melbourne Institute.

Click here to read the ANZ-Melbourne Institute Health Sector Report: Trends in the structure and financial health of private medical practices in Australia. 

  1. What’s the report about?
  • The report provides an overview of trends affecting GPs and non-GP specialists (surgeons, physicians, etc.) in private practice. 
  • Drawing on various sources including “administrative data” from the ABS and the ATO, this year’s report revisits some familiar themes from earlier years including growth in the medical workforce and changes in the distribution of doctors across public and private settings.
  • New elements in 2022 include unique insights drawn from the administrative data looking at the growth in private group medical practices and trends in the number of private medical businesses over time, etc. 
  1. Key findings in the report include:
  • Consolidation amongst non-GP specialist private practices is increasing 
  • The profits of GP and non-GP specialist medical businesses continue to increase over time, and medical businesses remain more profitable than other non-medical businesses
  • The COVID-19 pandemic temporarily reduced profitability, and costs continued to increase

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