Think differently with Finstro Loan

30th May, 2022 | Branch News 31 May 2022, Lender Updates

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Support your business clients with tax payment solutions.

Do you know how to support your business clients with Tax payment solutions?

Businesses that wish to remain current on their tax commitments, often drain their cash on hand resources in doing so, resulting in cash negative for salaries, or even stock purchases.

Pride yourself on thinking differently, outside of the box. Provide your business clients with solutions based on the assets they hold. Finstro is talking about gaining an advance against their debtor/receivable invoices, perhaps even a way in purchasing/receiving their stock today while enjoying their own payment terms.

  • FINSTRO Loan is calculated against 150% of monthly turnover average
  • Single invoice advance like an 80% LVR. No need for the full debtor list
  • Customer remains as the contact of their client, Not Finstro
  • Interest rate from 2%, no monthly, annual, or set up costs

If you have any questions, refer to your YBR BDM.