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Self Managed Super Funds

For those who want to drive their super and are ready to take control of their super investment strategy.

Key features

Flexible solutions

You can opt into our end-to-end solution or keep your accountant involved and hand pick from our selection of services.

Expert investment advice

Alongside the SMSF, we offer financial advice on retirement funding, insurance, investment selection, structuring and asset allocation.

Start from scratch or transfer over

We can set up a new SMSF with you that includes all the bells and whistles, or we can transfer over your existing SMSF.

Power of property through SMSF

All the expertise on lending through your mortgage broker plus all the expertise of your adviser, making property purchases easy.

Less parties and hassle, more opportunity

Rather than have experts in multiple locations, our SMSF integrates lending, investment advice and SMSF administration under one roof.

More than an accountant can offer

Having an SMSF with your accountant means you'll need multiple experts for your additional financial needs: property, debt advice.

It's time to take control of your finances

Your local adviser

Your local branch is

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