Solutions for your self-employed clients through Resi

14th Jun, 2022 | Articles, Branch News 14 June 2022, Lender Updates

In this article:
Resi has a variety of ways to help your self-employed clients secure their finance.

Resi makes it easier for you to look after more of your self-employed clients and their individual needs.

Through their unique product range consisting of: Essentials Options, Select, Renew or Agility a solution is sure to be found.

Where a self-employed applicant has not completed his current tax returns, alternative means of considering income can be considered. These include:

ALT DOC Options:  Where current tax returns have not been completed, serviceability assessment can be completed by using one of the following income verifications:   Accountants Letter, 6 months BAS or Business Bank Statements.

Directors’ Salary – Many self-employed people pay themselves a wage, which is often more than enough to cover their home loan repayments. Resi provides a solution to use this income without sending through company financials.

Or alternatively:

Most Recent Financials whether it’s only 1 year, 2 years or the most recent tax return supported by the most recent 6 months BAS – this full doc option through a prime solution should be one to consider.

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