Resi Solutions for Your Clients

24th Jan, 2023 | Branch News 25th Jan 2023

In this article:
With the challenges your clients will face in 2023, consider Resi as your fast, flexible solutions based lender


  • Prime
  • Near Prime
  • Specialist
  • Alt Doc Lending
  • Redraw & Offset Available


  • Direct Access to Credit Analysts
  • By-pass Apply-on-Line for Essentials Applications. Quicker and Simpler process.
  • Accessible and Experienced Staff
  • No Credit Scoring *
  • No CCR (Positive Credit Reporting)*
  • Applications are manually assessed*
  • Fully assessed pre-approvals*
  • Upfront valuations *


  • Purchase or Refinance
  • Owner Occupied or Investment
  • Construction Lending*
  • Vacant Land Only*
  • Purchase of shares/Investments
  • First Home Buyers LVR’s up to 98% incl. LMI*
  • Large Loan Amounts *
  • Cash out for Personal or Business use*
  • Debt consolidation—unlimited number of debts*
  • Full repayment of tax debt*
  • “Off the Plan” purchases*
  • Inner City Apartments*

Acceptable Incomes

  • PAYG Income
  • Self Employed Income—One Year Financials or Alt Doc Lending
  • Full Time/Part time/Casual/Second/Job/Contract
  • Employed by family
  • Pensions Inc. Veteran Affairs Pensions
  • Company Car/Vehicle Allowances
  • Permanent Allowances
  • Overtime/Commissions
  • Bonus Payments
  • Child support/maintenance
  • Return to work income
  • Parental Leave Income
  • 90% Residential Rent*
  • Up to 80% Commercial Rent*
  • Director’s PAYG income only*

Policy Solutions

  • Newly Employed (No minimum employment required)*
  • Newly Self Employed* (ABN – 6 months)
  • No Genuine Savings Policy
  • Negative Gearing benefit
  • Tax Returns not completed
  • Clients with defaults
  • Discharge Bankrupts (one day)
  • Late payments on credit facilities
  • Expat Lending (Aus/NZ residents working Overseas)*
  • Return to work and Parental leave policy*
  • Commercial approach to exit strategies*
  • Lend anywhere in Australia
  • 40 sqm floor space*
  • High Density units*
  • 100 Hectares/240 acres*

We’re here to support you! If you would like more information on how to get the best outcomes for your customers, please contact your Resi Business Development Manager.

*Please note, some of our niches are specific to certain products, please talk to your BDM to find out more