New YBR Webshop

08th Mar, 2023 | Branch News March 9th 2023

In this article:
Your new webshop for branded merch and apparel has launched!

You would have received an email a few weeks ago about the launch of your new webshop in partnership with Sweet Memories for your branded merch and apparel needs. 

We wanted to remind you of this exciting news and ensure you have been able to log in and browse your new webshop.  

This decision was made based on the feedback from the network over the past year and to also give our merch items a refresh and a more modern look. 

As mentioned in our previous communications, we will keep your print requirements, such as business cards, posters, flyers, etc., with Dashing

What to expect:

Some branded items which have been restocked with our new supplier are: 

  • mugs
  • notebooks
  • pens
  • umbrellas 
  • stress balls
  • clothing

Logging in:

You would have received an email directly from the webshop a few weeks ago with your login details asking you to log in to the webshop. Click on the login link in that email. 

We have also prepared a ‘User Guide’ for you to refer to if you have any questions navigating the site. Click here to view and download your YBR Webstore User Guide

If you have any concerns or queries, please email us at [email protected] with questions you may have.