Need self-employed loan solutions? Resi has you covered

27th Jun, 2022 | Branch News 28 June 2022, Lender Updates

In this article:
To cater for Self-Employed customers, RESI has several different policy structure options through their product range (Essentials/Select/Renew/Agility), covering most Self-Employed requirements.

Resi will say YES more often when it comes to Alt Doc Lending requirements.

PURPOSE of loan can include:
• Personal purpose
• Investment Purpose
• Debt Consolidation
• Business Purpose and payment of tax debt are also permitted

Their solutions include:

• Most recent full year of financials supported by the most recent 6 months BAS
• Standard 2 years financials policy
• Director’s Salary policy – Resi knows many self-employed customers pay themselves a salary, in many cases that salary alone is enough to cover their living/mortgage expenses without the need or consideration of business profits. For these customers, they can accept the salary in isolation
• Most recent year’s financials – through their Select product you are able to use the most recent year’s financial information for assessment, where this is a sustainable reflection of future performance
• ALT DOC option

• The most recent full year of financials and tax returns
• Standard 2 years financial policy
• ALT Doc option

Income verification under their Alt Doc loans can be provided by way of a Client Declaration plus any one or more (depending on product) of the following:
• Minimum of 6 months BAS
• 12 Months Accountant Prepared Business Trading Statements – NPBT
• Accountant Declaration – Declared figure by accountant
• Minimum of 6 months business bank statements supporting stated income

When you add their above assessment flexibility to their competitive fee structure and attractive interest rate offering, simplified product offering, and quick SLAs why wouldn’t you call Resi the home for your self-employed customers.

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