NAB Aggregator Update

25th Oct, 2022 | Branch News 27 October 2022, Lender Updates

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NAB’s Commercial Privacy Consent and Payment of Commission Form has been updated.

NAB has updated their Commercial Privacy Consent and Payment of Commission Form. 

The NAB Commercial Broker Consent form has been refreshed and made simpler by incorporating NAB’s privacy and confidentiality consent requirements, removing the need to issue two separate forms to customers.

NAB has also expanded the current commission disclosure in South Australia (SA) and Tasmania (TAS) to all states. Sharing the indicative payment ranges enables a consistent approach nationally while also providing greater transparency to all customers regardless of their location. Brokers no longer need to use a separate form if dealing with a customer in SA/TAS as the one form can be used in all states.

The new consent form is available via the NAB Broker portal under > Forms > Business Lending Forms > “Privacy Consent and Payment of Commission Form”. 

If brokers are issuing this form, please ensure they use the updated version from the portal.  

For any questions please reach out to your BDM.