N1 Holdings Limited Market Update

11th Oct, 2022 | Branch News 13 October 2022, Lender Updates

In this article:
N1 Holdings Limited has summarised recent trends they have spotted in their deals.

What type of deals is N1 seeing?

  • More larger loan size deals, they are seeing a lot more over $5mil to $10mil nowadays, there has been a few urgent settlements. N1 can fund up to $25mil+ on residentials
  • More 12 months deals than shorter terms. They have also had a spike in enquiries of 18mth+ terms. Historically they saw more 6 months deals.
  • More residentials than commercials. Notably more non-major cities enquiries from booming Newcastle, Wollongong, Gold Coast/Noosa, etc.

How is the SME market doing?

  • SMEs are coping with increased activity post-pandemic,
  • “Land bankers” are capitalizing on opportunities of well-priced sites
  • A lot of small business owners, especially B2B businesses have been doing well, service-based businesses seem to have picked up a lot in activity

How is the property market doing?

  • Valuations have occasionally exceeded expectations, and borrowers’ expectations are getting more aligned with market sentiment
  • Less purchase activity in the space of sub $1mil property. N1 doesn’t see much change of activity in off-market sales or larger size transactions. However, there have been 27 deals funded in the last quarter as equity release or refinance.
  • They are seeing a slight increase in activity and enquiries coming in from Adelaide of South Australia.

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