#myfinancialadvice mum’s word

18th Apr, 2016 | Articles

In this article:
Diane Nocerino from Yellow Brick Road Southport shares advice she received from her mum.

Diana Nocerino

My mum worked as a senior bookkeeper and auditor for an accounting practice. She also controlled all the household expenditure.

We lived in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales where mum often brought home journals to work on – all done meticulously by hand. I was around 10 years old when she started to teach me key financial lessons. 

“Always make sure you keep enough saved to pay your way. Live within your means.”

At a young adult, Mum helped me setup my first business: a bookkeeping and project management business in the building industry. I would run the books, job expenditure, contractor payments, Tax and retention payments. I was a young adult and her input and assistance was invaluable.

Well, l today I am a Wealth Manager with Yellow Brick Road Southport, based in the sunny area of the Gold Coast and I still haven’t forgotten that advice.

That advice mum gave to me as a ten year old, I still say to my clients today, assisting with their budgeting, debt reduction and savings goals. It is the foundation upon which I build my clients’ journeys. 

I have also instilled these values of good financial habits and management in our son from a very young age.

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