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18th Apr, 2016 | Local News

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Don't be a fool when it comes to money, learn this early like Sze from Parramatta

Sze Chuah

“A fool and his money are easily parted”. That’s something my father often told me as a child. What he meant was: be careful with your money, understand the value of money.

My father is a happy-go-lucky little pocket rocket guy who takes any opportunity to save money. He loves life and he loves eating. I vividly remember the first time he said to me “a fool and his money are easily parted”. I was five years old at the shopping centre with him. Immediately after he said this I decided that instead of spending the money he gave me on lollies and rides, I would save it.

Today I am a wealth manager with Yellow Brick Road based in the booming Sydney area of Parramatta, and I still haven’t forgotten that advice.

Saving is a key life skill, especially for a Wealth Manager and investor. My father’s sage advice is passed on by me regularly: I share it with my kids and teach it to my clients.

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