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Yellow Brick Road launches new e-book to tackle property investment challenges

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Yellow Brick Road is helping investors find solutions for the issues they will face in 2016 in the new e-book by property expert and winner of Celebrity Apprentice season one Andrew Morello.

Mr Morello said that investors are going to be doing it tougher in the year ahead and could do with some guidance.

“Rents are on the decline, interest rates are going up and restrictions on investment lending will make it more difficult for some to secure funding. However, in a recent survey Yellow Brick Road conducted of the nation’s hopes and dreams, we found that property investment is still one of the top Australian dreams,” Mr Morello said

With recent changes to the investment lending environment, Mr Morello said it’s now more important than ever for those who are thinking about getting in the space to begin planning early with a clear strategy.

“Changes in the investment lending space have been made to protect and stabilise the lending environment. Initially there was some panic about what it would mean for investors but I believe there are still many opportunities to get finance and achieve your goals,” he said.

The motivated 29-year-old auctioneer and property expert has learned more about investment property in his early years than most get experience in a lifetime. He has been involved in more than 1,000 property transactions both nationally and internationally and owns a large portfolio of investment properties in Sydney and Melbourne.

The new e-book – The Morello Matrix will equip Australians with the essentials on converting cash into assets in a constantly evolving market.

“Property investment strategies are not a secret. Thousands of Australians build their wealth this way. But many more Australians stand on the sidelines and choose not to play. This is a pity, as Australia has a really good lending system for property. Our vibrant property market generally doubles every 10 years, particularly in metro areas, and we have a culture of hard work and solid income from employment. These things make property a great way to build wealth,” Mr Morello said.

Mr Morello provides valuable insights and lessons learned from his vast experience as a “matrix” for anyone considering property investment as a way to build wealth for their future.

“It involves borrowing, property and equity, and it’s accessible to everyday Australians.”

The Morello Matrix is a practical and inspirational guide for all up and coming property investors to get them started on a path to achieve their investment goals.   

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