Macquarie Bank’s variable rate reviews

08th Nov, 2022 | Lender Updates, Branch News 10 November 2022

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New feature has been built in the Broker Portal.

Macquarie Bank is pleased to let you know they have built a new feature in the Broker Portal allowing you to easily submit a variable rate review request digitally. 

From today, you can request a rate review directly through the Broker Portal – simply log in, locate your client’s account, and select ‘Request Rate Review’. Macquarie Bank will be in touch with an outcome within 2 business days.

They have also made changes to requesting construction loan progress payment forms. From 9 November 2022, they will no longer require the ‘Progress payment form’ to be returned for progress payments for construction loans. Clients simply need to sign and make a note on the builder’s invoice authorising the payment to the builder. 

For more information, visit their Help Centre. 

Macquarie Bank’s average time to assessment for fully packaged deals remains at 2 business hours.

For any questions please reach out to your BDM.