Lumi can help your self-employed clients with their home loan funding

23rd Aug, 2022 | Lender Updates, Branch News 25 August 2022

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Lumi has recently helped a broker finalise a home loan for their client.

Each client seeking home loan funding has their own set of needs, circumstances and can have complex considerations, especially if they are self-employed with outstanding tax debt.

Lumi has recently worked with a broker that had a client that needed to pay their tax debts.

Of course, paying out ATO debt with funds from an SME lender doesn’t always make sense, in particular, if the business can negotiate a favourable repayment schedule directly with the ATO. Lumi recently provided business funding to a client who did not have that luxury. By clearing the tax debt, Lumi helped the broker finalise a home loan for their client.

With their finance broker’s assistance, Lumi could arrange the funding they needed.

> Industry: Real Estate

> Time in business: 10 years

> Annual Turnover: $5.6m

> Credit Score: 658

> Loan Amount: $250,000

> Requirements: Bank Feed, ATO portal and Credit Check

> Total Deal Time: Same-day funding 

> Price: 19.95 APR

Get in touch with Lumi to workshop your clients’ business funding needs as they help solve the complexity.

If you have any questions, refer to your YBR BDM.