Legal & Compliance: New Credit File Checklist

19th Apr, 2022 | Branch News 19 April 2022, Lender Updates

In this article:
The end-to-end credit assistance checklist all brokers need gets a fresh look & feel.

As part of the YBR Group’s continuous improvements to assist brokers in complying with their legislative & policy requirements when providing credit assistance to consumers, the YBR Group has revamped & updated the Credit File Checklist. This checklist provides guidance on the end-to-end process of what documents, disclosures & tasks are required for inclusion & completion of each credit file.

The checklist is a vital resource for all brokers (with any level of experience) wanting to confirm their compliance with legislation & if required, improve on their processes. We strongly recommend you complete the checklist at the completion of a file (settled).

Please find the downloadable Credit File Checklist here.