Introducing Your New Ynet Trainer!

16th Aug, 2021 | Branch News 17th August 2021

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Celina Tramontini

National Platform Trainer

Recognising the critical role that the Ynet software plays in your business, and the need to ensure that you have the access to learning the software in a variety of ways, we are delighted to announce the appointment of a National Platform Trainer who will spend 100% of her time providing you training, support and guidance on the Ynet software.

 Celina brings a wealth of experience from Resi Home Loans, also part of the YBR Group. Her position demanded frontline advocacy and played a vital role with ongoing projects for systems and process enhancements to meet business and customer needs.

 Celina prides herself on building strong relationships and is passionate about helping people. She is dedicated to working closely with you to ensure that you get the best from the platform and that we collectively grow our network together.

 As the National Platform Trainer for YBR, Celina’s main responsibility will be to maximise the use of the Ynet platform across our extensive network of finance and mortgage brokers. This will be achieved through designing and delivering Ynet training and providing useful resources for our brokers.

You can reach out to Celina at any time via email: [email protected].

Training Topics Now Welcome

Celina is already taking your suggestions on what training you need in the Ynet platform. Please submit your topic suggestions using this form.