Introducing TRUST.n1holdings

19th Nov, 2021 | Branch News 23 November 2021, Lender Updates

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Providing reliable information to business partners, investors and clients.

What are the common grounds in lending? Sophisticated investors, Property developers and SME owners.

Have you ever wondered how sophisticated investors make use of leverage to expand their property portfolio in times of property listings drought?

How do property developers secure a potential booming site amid tight competition?

How do SME owners tap into fast funding to either sustain the dip or expand exponentially?

It’s all about getting access to funding. There are some common grounds when it comes to funding, amid a rapid evolutionary lending environment: fast, easy and transparent.

Mortgage brokers, the successful ones who are benefitting from a regulatory-led operating environment, have identified a strong niche market, among the three most underserved borrowers mentioned above: sophisticated investors, property developers and SME owners.

N1holdings works alongside mortgage brokers to add massive value to their clients when it comes to private lending (aka asset lending, direct lending, etc.). When they talk about adding massive value they mean making sure your clients meet their borrowing needs and are not burnt by unfair contractual terms.

They would like to introduce TRUST.n1holdings, an initiative that provides reliable information to business partners, investors and clients.

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