Introducing Powerpick

13th Sep, 2021 | Branch News 14th September

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A new platform for refinancing clients which will help out in just 5 minutes.

Looking for ways to provide additional value to your clients?

PowerPick lets your client review competitive energy plans in their area. If they find a better deal that’s available they can make the switch- entirely online, in around 5 minutes.  Perfect for savvy clients who like to shop around for deals but don’t have time to wait on hold to retailers!

How does it work?

  1. The team at PowerPick provides you with marketing you can use to promote the service to your client base.
  2. Clients click on your unique PowerPick link and can review energy deals in their own time. Their team will track any switches back to your account.


They will also provide referral rewards every time one of your clients switches their energy plan via PowerPick.

To view a demo of PowerPick, click here.

To find out more or register your interest, contact our PowerPick representative, Andrew Larter. You can reach him on- [email protected] or 0498 777 057 or alternatively, contact your BDM.