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19th Oct, 2021 | Branch News 26th October 2021, Lender Updates

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Effective 26 October 2021 TMBL bank is making further improvements to the Home loan application process by introducing eSign through ApplyOnline.

Effective 26 October 2021 Teachers Mutual Bank Limited is further enhancing the home loan application process by introducing eSign, a service provided by DocuSign through ApplyOnline.

Overview of eSign

eSign allows signatures to be captured electronically and for auto-completion of forms and is available using the service DocuSign. The process is managed using the ApplyOnline Supporting Docs service for documents that are eSign-enabled, thereby giving the ability to send, track and receive electronically signed print forms.

Which documents are eSign enabled through ApplyOnline?

All of the Bank’s new home loan mandatory application forms being:

  • Application for membership
  • Privacy, Consents, Declarations and Rate Lock
  • Verification of Identity – face to face

Any existing home loan application form or third party owned documents such as the Australia Post Verification of Identity form and Home Buyer Declaration is not available for eSign.

Where can I find support and further information?

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited has a few individual points of guidance material to cater for your needs.

1. Broker user guide – Included with this Broker latest news broadcast is an ApplyOnline eSign – user guide presentation providing a step by step guide with instructions to the eSign functionality within ApplyOnline

2. Broker video user guide – A How to Video Tutorial which you can view at any time: 

Reach out to your BDM for any questions.