Latest Case Study from Banjo

26th Jul, 2022 | Lender Updates, Branch News 26 July 2022

In this article:
Banjo Loans has helped a wholesale trade company secure needed capital.


Banjo Loans has recently helped a wholesale trade company that was seeking debt consolidation financing for general support of its strategic growth initiatives.

See snapshot below of how they helped the business.

Wholesale Trade
Loan Amount
Time in Business
9 years
Annual Turnover
Total Deal Time
3 days


A bit of background
• Trading since 2014, this company has multiple independent businesses operating under one ABN. It has strategic industry growth initiatives and debt consolidation across its subsidiary businesses was required.

How did Banjo Loans help them move forward?
• Due to this client’s good payment history with their previous lenders, Banjo had the flexibility to assist with their funding needs.
• Banjo provided a $430,000 Working Capital loan over 36 months in as quick as 3 days.
• This business was able to consolidate debts making its debts more manageable.

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