Going places with Banjo Loans

22nd Nov, 2022 | Branch News 24 November 2022, Lender Updates

In this article:
Banjo Loans has helped a wholesale company secure needed capital.

Banjo Loans has recently helped a company that was seeking capital for growth expansion across Australia.

 See snapshot below of how they helped the business.

Wholesale Trade – Other Goods 

Loan Amount

Time in Business
38 years


Annual Turnover

Total Deal Time
3 days

A bit of background

  • This business imports, distributes and manufactures various grocery items from Southeast Asian countries. 
  • They supply to Coles and Woolworths, as well as having exclusive distribution rights to sell a variety of products.  

How did Banjo Loans help them move forward?

  • Banjo Loans assisted the client’s plans to expand by opening new warehouses in other states around Australia. This would allow the business to save on significant transport costs involved in getting their goods to their established markets interstate.   
  • $500,000 over a 24-month period was provided within 3 days.

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