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26th Sep, 2022 | Branch News 29 September 2022, Lender Updates

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Redzed is holding regular Webinar Accreditation sessions every Tuesday.

RedZed is proud to work with their Broker Partners to find great outcomes for your self-employed customers. In order to become accredited, please complete the below steps and reach out to your BDM if you have any questions:

  1. Complete the Red Zed accreditation form 
  2. Send the completed form with your current AML/CTF Certificate to your Aggregator Accreditation Team
  3. Complete the training either via their webinar (details below) or the outline module (sent from Redzed’s Accreditations Team once they receive the signed form from your aggregator)

Webinar sessions are held every Tuesday at 11:30 am (AEDT) and hosted by their Sales Team. Please register via the below link and the details will be emailed to you.

Register here

For any questions please reach out to your BDM.