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Plan for success

Your plans for retirement are as individual as you. Some people intend to travel the world exploring undiscovered treasures, while others dream of spending quality time with family, building a property legacy or indulging in a favourite pastime. Whatever your goals, we deliver care and maintenance of your finances through your working life for a financially healthy retirement.

self managed super fund

Retirement expertise

Bringing tomorrow’s dreams into today is a challenge that we at Yellow Brick Road take on daily. We have accrued years of expertise in crafting incomes for a long, secure and enjoyable retirement. Your Yellow Brick Road financial adviser can create solutions to suit your preferred style of investment, from set-and-forget to do-it-yourself  (DIY) super fund management.

Cash in your super benefits

Superannuation is an excellent way to invest long term with great tax benefits.  Super is designed to be your primary source of income for your retirement. Once you reach retirement age - or when you choose to retire - things need to be adjusted to replace your salary. 

Given the diverse number of ways you can manage your superannuation fund, we recommend getting a professional on board early. Ideally,, you will have been planning for retirement since your first job. However, if you have left it until the eleventh hour, seek an adviser's insights immediately.

They will help you navigate all the options including: DIY or self managed super funds (SMSFs), wholesale master trusts, public sector and industry funds, allocated pensions and annuities. They can also help you alter your investments for delivering income within super.

By working with your Yellow Brick Road Wealth Manager as your financial adviser, you can tailor the right amount of income, paid in the right way. It's also important that you are paying the right amount of tax and have the right insurances to keep your finances secure. We will help you keep it all on track so that you don’t squander your hard-earned nest egg and can maintain your peace of mind.

Transition to retirement

We all know that boosting your retirement savings is key. Depending on what age you want to retire, you can also get access to your super while working part-time and set up an income stream from your super savings. Some say it’s the best of both worlds.

Many people don’t want to give up work completely. Some want to wind down from their full time work in the lead up to retirement. With a transition to retirement strategy you can do this while accessing the income from your super. There are also a number of tax benefits. 

Will and estate planning

Leave a lasting legacy for your family and ensure you protect yourself and your loved ones by properly attending to your estate and legal matters. Estate planning involves setting out how you wish to have your assets managed when you can’t manage them yourself. We can assist you to transfer ownership and control of your assets, minimise tax and help you obtain the right legal advice as needed.

Creating the right will allows you to choose how you want to leave your belongings and assets after you die. Our financial advisers can assist with the myriad of decisions that you will need to consider, such as life insurance payouts, family trusts, company assets, and superannuation. Take the time to nominate your beneficiaries and consider the people you want to manage your assets.

We can also guide you on power of attorney, discretionary trusts and life insurance as needed. You can even reduce the taxes payable and leave more to the people you want to help.