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Getting started

By talking through your hopes and dreams and creating goals to make them a reality, you can see what needs to be done first. Whether it's getting your debt under control, saving for your first home or amalgamating your super accounts, it's all about getting your money working smarter.

getting started

Help sort out my super

Your superannuation is the easiest way to set your life on track over the long term. The rule of thumb is to have just one lower cost, flexible and high-performing super solution. Discuss with your Yellow Brick Road Wealth Manager the ways to make the most of all the benefits of superannuation. This way your hard earned salary is working for you, and you won’t be wasting fees on things you don’t need.

Setting a budget

Get your finances under control quickly with a smart budget. A budget may help you find money you didn’t know you had and without scrimping. It can also get you out of debt quicker and help you build your savings faster. We have some handy calculators to help see where your money goes each week.

Click here to get started with Yellow Brick Road's budget calculator.

 Budget calculator

Stepping onto the property ladder

Buying your first home or purchasing your first investment property is a big financial decision, so it makes sense to find the right home loan. Our guides, calculators and some straightforward advice from our network of local experts can help you. After all, this is your biggest life expense and there are myriad loan products available. Get the right one.

Boosting my savings

You can boost your savings beyond traditional bank accounts with smart investments in bonds and shares. Talk to your financial planning expert about managing your investments, and get help setting up short-term and long-term cash and investment strategies.

Investing for the future

Enjoy the financial benefits of setting up your own portfolio of smart investments in bonds and shares. Our financial planning experts are backed by an experienced team of fund managers with proven success. They will help you create a portfolio and then manage it over the years.