Farewell RP Professional – Welcome RP Data

26th Sep, 2022 | Branch News 29 September 2022, Lender Updates

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Core Logic is pleased to introduce their next-generation data platform, RP Data.

At CoreLogic, they are committed to providing the best possible customer experience. As part of this commitment, they are pleased to introduce their next-generation data platform, RP Data which will permanently replace the existing RP Professional on Thursday 6 October 2022. 

What this means for you 

After 6 October 2022, all users within your account will be switched over to RP Data so they can experience the new design, user interface and capability.

Why the change? 

RP Professional was launched in 2009 – when taking technology lifecycles into account – that’s several lifetimes ago! So Core Logic has been diligently working with their customer base over the past four years to ensure they cover all of your needs in their new modern platform, RP Data.

RP Data is faster, more secure and is packed with enhanced capabilities specially designed to improve the efficiencies of your work. Core Logic has several teams dedicated to developing additional features, with several very exciting features just around the corner. 

Next steps

Your subscription and login details will remain the same. However from 6 October 2022, you will default to the new RP Data platform after login to discover the new design and platform. It is likely that your account has a mix of users – some who already only use the new platform (RP Data), some who still use RP Professional and those who use a mix of both.

From 6 October 2022, it will no longer be possible for users to switch between versions and all users will exclusively use RP Data.

Core Logic is here to help

Core Logic understands that changing the way you work can be challenging so to help you have a smooth transition, settle into the new user interface and start to reap the benefits of the new platform, they have some fantastic recorded and live webinars available to you:

For any questions please reach out to your BDM.