Fair Go Winners Announcement

Fair Go Winners Announcement

CONGRATULATIONS to the following inspiring winners of YBR’s Fair Go Giveaway, who have been contacted and confirmed as eligible to each receive $12,000 in prize money:

  • Andreas M.

  • Andrew A.

  • Chris A. 

  • Joanne A.

  • Nilesh G.

We launched the Fair Go campaign to support Australian mortgage holders who have been impacted the most by soaring interest rates. We also wanted to hear the voices of Australians who have borne the brunt of the RBA’s rate hikes. 

We’ve heard some heartbreaking stories, and decided to produce YBR’s Human Impact Study, which we delivered to the RBA and the RBA Governor.  This campaign has been a powerful vehicle to push for decision-makers to place more weight on the impacts of monetary policy on the well being of Australians.

The response to YBR’s Fair Go Giveaway was truly phenomenal. Entries came in droves, with thousands of stories submitted by Australians who have been significantly affected by rising interest rates.

Mark Bouris said, “Reading stories of those who entered and speaking with several of the winners, I was deeply touched by what the Fair Go campaign has meant for all those who entered. The overwhelming response by many entrants was thankfulness for being given a chance to be heard. Australians have a voice, we just wanted to give that voice a platform to bring about change in the way decisions are made that impact millions of Australian homeowners.”

Thank you to all those who entered and shared your stories. Congratulations to Andrew, Joanne, Andreas, Nilesh and Chris for winning $12,000 each to go toward their existing mortgages.

The five lucky winners of YBR’s Fair Go Giveaway represent the many Australians who have had to endure financial hardship due to increasing rates. We are proud to announce these inspiring winners, and we hope this campaign will serve as a reminder that the collective voice of Australians can bring about real change.