Commercial Lending Panel

19th Nov, 2021 | Branch News 23 November 2021, Lender Updates

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Commercial Lending Panel and Pilot Program update.

We take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of supporting both our commercial lending panel and pilot program, where ever possible. With the market flush with funds currently, the emergence of new lenders appearing is something astonishing.

New lenders coming into the market, does not necessarily indicate that they do not offer an excellent point of difference. But that’s where we as an aggregator will thoroughly research, the benefits, viability and most importantly the protection you the broker hold in the event anything goes wrong with the transaction.

We are in the process of launching 3 new Commercial lenders to the pilot program in Balmain Commercial, a new division set up to deal via aggregation/broker platforms, Orde Financial & Pallas Capital.

If any doubt over a new loan transaction, refer to either your YBR BDM.