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Getting into the share market

In this low interest-rate environment and hot property market, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney, people are looking for other investment options. The appetite for higher returns while preserving capital is important to the mum and dads in Australia. The stock market is a popular alternative.



Equities are excellent

Many are now turning to Australian equities as an alternative, seeking investments with equities’ return on the upside, but smoother returns with some protection in downward markets. One way to enter the share market and the equities space is via the approach used by Australia's high-net-worth investors. 

Wealthy families and individuals in Australia often access a portfolio that offers a multi-manager approach, allowing investors to diversify across leading wholesale Australian equities managers who use a range of strategies and techniques and ensuring that risk protection is always in place to minimise the impact of down markets.

*Read the disclosure documents for your selected product or service, including the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), before deciding to take action. Unless otherwise specified, the products and services described on this website are available only in Australia from Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management Pty Limited ABN 93 128 650 037, AFSL 323825 and its Authorised Representatives.

Millionaires-only zone

Is this method only for the uber rich? Once upon a time, yes. But we decided to take the model accessed by Australia's wealthy and make it accessible to everyone. We called it the Protected Equities Fund. We built it to give everyday Australians access to sophisticated investment solutions which are usually reserved for high-net-worth individuals and wealthy family funds.

The mechanics of protected equities

The Protected Equities Fund adds to the suite of existing in-house fixed-income products, including active cash and higher income strategies which has more than $300 million in funds under management available through us. This fund aims to deliver returns* that are similar to those of the overall share market whilst cushioning falls and recovering faster. 

This is a well thought-out strategy, using proven expertise in understanding, monitoring and managing the mix of strategies to balance risk and return, We designed this fund to be accessible to everyone, with a low initial investment of $10,000, with the added flexibility of daily withdrawal requests and six-monthly distributions paid.