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19th Apr, 2022 | Branch News 19 April 2022, Lender Updates

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Brighten has gone live on CoreLogic’s PropertyHub, effective 11 April, all valuations must be ordered via PropertyHub.

Brighten Going Live on PropertyHub

Brighten is pleased to announce that you are now able to order your Brighten valuations through the CoreLogic PropertyHubEffective 11 April, valuations must be ordered via PropertyHub. 

What is PropertyHub?

CoreLogic’s PropertyHub makes it easy to research properties, order valuations and track the progress in a single platform. Over 30,000 brokers and mortgage professionals use this tool to support their customers on their home ownership journeys. 

How to access PropertyHub?
To access PropertyHub, please visit Alternatively, you can visit the Brighten website, and select ‘PropertyHub’ under ‘Brokers’.


Enter your email address, if you already have an RPP Subscription, you will be diverted directly to the Login page. If you don’t have an RPP Subscription, you will be prompted to create a new PropertyHub user profile.  

How to order a valuation for Brighten? 
After entering your required property address, you will land on the property information screen. Whether you have an RPP Subscription or not, all PropertyHub users can order property valuations by clicking on the blue ‘Order’ button.

The next screen will ask you to select which lender you are lodging the valuation request for. If this is your first time ordering a valuation for Brighten, and you haven’t gained access within the PropertyHub, you will need to first register, and Brighten’s Valuation Team will approve your request in a timely manner.

After entering all of the information through the portal, you will be asked to input your (or your customer’s) credit card details to process the valuation order. 

After that, you will be presented with the confirmation screen. You will also receive an automated email with the confirmation. To view and access your orders at any time, visit the ‘History’ tab.

To learn more about PropertyHub’s registration and valuation ordering process, please download the full User Guide HERE

If you have any questions, refer to your YBR BDM.