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What's going on in Wollongong

One of the strengths of Yellow Brick Road is that our teams are fundamental parts of the communities they work in. They know the people, and take the time to help them with their wealth management and make sure everyone knows what they're doing.
That's never more apparent than when you speak to Justin Bailey. He is a one-man-team in Wollongong, helping people with their financial planning and home loan strategies. Having opened the local branch a year ago, he has gotten to work helping everyone handle their money successfully. We spoke to him to see what's going on in his corner of the country.
The state of the region
Despite being based in Wollongong, Justin's work takes him all around the region, particularly Illawarra.
"There aren't many other branches around here, so I help people from all over," he says. It's been a busy time too, with some strong shifts in the local property market.
"House prices have increased drastically in the last year or two, but they have started to pan out a bit."
"Property is still relatively expensive, maybe not compared to Sydney, but some local areas are fairly pricey."
Justin doesn't think the market is going to deflate either, meaning that there are pockets around Wollongong where real estate is likely to stay at a pretty expensive level. That's where he can step in and help everyday Australians enter a market that just isn't as affordable as it used to be.
Justin Bailey has his eye on helping people in Wollongong plan their finances.
Helping people structure their finances
Higher-priced homes means bigger payments on a home loan, and Justin helps people in and around Wollongong get the most out of the market.
"I help customers get good rates on home loans, as well as get mortgages that suit them. It all helps them understand exactly what they're doing with their money."
"Lower rates mean smaller payments, which makes it easier to build wealth. With this low interest rate environment, paying off a home loan weekly or fortnightly can save you up to a month's worth of interest compared with paying off a loan monthly."
By helping people structure a home loan so they can generate wealth, Justin saves mums' and dads' time and money in the long term. In fact, he says that by even paying a few hundred dollars extra onto a home loan each month, up to five years can be cut off a loan term.
Getting ahead in a heated market
While Wollongong isn't as hot a market as Sydney, a lot of people priced out of the capital have been buying up local real estate, which pushes values up. That's why Justin takes his time with clients, checking up on them and letting them plan their finances at their own pace.
"It's a long term relationship - I stick with people throughout the entire process."
"We could meet two or three times before even discussing a financial plan" he says. "It's all about making sure they're comfortable with how they are using their money, and building a certain level of trust."
"It's a long term relationship - I stick with people throughout the entire process, where a lot of others drop off once a loan is signed."
It's the sort of commitment to giving people the gift of knowledge that sets our local representatives apart. When you want to learn as well as earn, make sure to get in touch with your local Yellow Brick Road representative.

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