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My grandmother was a relatively wealthy, well dressed, and well-travelled women. We got along enormously. She retired comfortably and owned her own house. 

When I was in my mid-teens, say 16-years-old, she handed down some sound financial advice to me. I still think about it today. 

We were sitting at the kitchen table at my family home in Melbourne, Victoria, alone. 

"Get a government job," she advised. 

"And start your superannuation soon."

Whilst the advice might have been very prescriptive and limited, to an extent, by her era and world view, what she was really saying was "think about your financial future, make it secure, choose a job that will grow with you and provide for a comfortable and stable future for you."

Interestingly, giving financial advice is now my full-time job and career! But the principle of what my grandmother said to me all those years ago still holds fast. The message was important. 

Today, I'm a principal and wealth manager based at Yellow Brick Road Rosanna in a beautiful Melbourne and my message to all of my clients follows my grandmother's advice to me.Taking responsibility and control of your own financial future is so very important, and so rewarding. 

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