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At some point in your life, you’re going to be offered some profound advice. It will stick with you forever and shape your approach to life.

Mine came to me from an unlikely source. 

I was 19 years old and an apprentice living in Frankston, an outer-south eastern suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, making some money but with no plan for my financial future. 

My then girlfriend’s uncle, an extremely successful multi-millionaire type who had built his successes as a timber merchant and property investor, said to me: “any idiot can earn a million dollars, but only a genius can keep his first million.”

And, even in my own personal experience, I now know he is right. Early on, I made some good money but without any goals and structure, you inevitably lose the lot. Genius behaviour? Certainly not. Idiocy? Perhaps a little. But the real determinant is purpose and planning.

Today, I’m diligent and disciplined about having a plan. Revisiting my wealth process with a clear view and greater awareness has helped me not only retain but grow the assets I have created.

I’m the principal of wealth management company Yellow Brick Road Frankston today. And I’m proud to say we help people build a financial plan and revisit it regularly, in the pursuit of their own goals and dreams.

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