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Radha’s Story Pt 2: Spender to Globe Trotter

Last week I shared the story of single mother Radha who was able to achieve her dream of buying her own little piece of Australia. As promised, I’m now going to reveal the next phase of her journey, which she’s sharing with her eldest daughter who turns 25 next year. It’s also a great example of how parents can help motivate their kids to be smarter with their money. So here’s Radha’s story, part two…

“My daughter used to be a ‘spender’. As soon as the money came in it would be gone again! But she also saw first-hand how following a plan can set you up to get what you want.

“When she was 17, she was in a serious car accident. She was in hospital for a year, and then there was rehab and carers, etc. I had to deal with all of that on my own, while still working my two jobs to keep the money coming in and of course looking after my son, who was just starting high school.

“After she recovered, my daughter came to me with a new plan. She really wanted to go travelling overseas, but she also wanted to start saving for her own place. She was also going to receive an inheritance, and I wanted make sure she used that money wisely. So we went to see Effie together to find a way for her to save. Effie helped her put everything in perspective. And even though it was really hard, she managed to save up for her dream European holiday.

“She’s now really committed to the next part of the plan, which is to buy a place here in Sydney. With Effie’s help, she is saving to buy a town house for the family to share. Instead of paying rent to an unknown landlord, I will help her pay down her mortgage. Renting in Sydney is so expensive, so this is a way I can help her to get set up on her own, but still keep the family together. And when that’s sorted, I will hopefully be able to reduce my work hours. I’m not young anymore, and sooner or later I’ll need to slow down! But I wouldn’t change anything – my kids have not had to miss out on much.

“Through this whole journey Effie’s been an absolute God-send! She tells you how everything works so you never feel like you don’t have any control over what’s happening. And she’s happy to see us anytime, day or night. I feel like Effie is more like a close friend than a finance professional – I can talk to her about anything and she genuinely cares about me and my family. Its funny how in life you meet people who just become so important to you.”


I’m so honoured to have been able to help two generations of the same family on the path to their goals. Radha has been such a strong role model for her daughter in terms of her finances and I’m sure as her son gets older he will make good financial choices too. Thank you so much, Radha, for your kind words. I’m looking forward to continuing our journey together.

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