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Wills, Fees & Shooting the Financial Breeze

The crowd of people attending Yellow Brick Road Dee Why’s “Live for today; plan for tomorrow” seminar this week got more than they bargained for when they each left with a “homework” list, including calling their Superannuation funds to challenge their fees and getting their wills in order.
The simple act of reducing your Super fees by 1% can improve your retirement saving by 10 years, said Jackson Millan and Blair Milne from Yellow Brick Road Dee Why.  They further pointed out that many people on legacy Super products could be paying three times the current rate Jackson and Blair further challenged the seminar attendees to start their wealth planning journey by asking themselves what is most important to them. Blair says “Most people think about wealth in terms of creating it, not about the ‘why’ or purpose. Our approach is different; once people are clear on their ‘why’, the steps that follow this, including a ‘Damage Control’ phase, become much clearer and more defined.”
And the messages seem to have hit home, as participant Richard Mountstephens commented: “I enjoyed last night's seminar at YBR. The methodical framework the team presented brought a sense of order to a complex area and answered the procrastination-inducing question of "where do I start?" nicely. The specific advice on peace of mind was helpful (which encouraged me to finish writing up my will as soon as I got home!) and the examples around the power of compounding were compelling.”
Amongst the topics covered during the evening were wealth management, risk protection (“We all insure our cars, so why are we so hesitant to insure ourselves and our livelihoods?”, asked Blair), and legacy planning.
Blair Milne, a Wealth Coach at Yellow Brick Road Dee Why, has also experienced many clients who “overestimate what they can achieve financially in a year, but underestimate what they can achieve in 10 years” and provided a number of case studies about time in the (stock or share) market that have made his clients money through dollar cost averaging.  “It’s not always about beating the market, but about being in the market that counts,” says Blair.

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