Allianz Update

19th Oct, 2021 | Branch News 26th October 2021

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Allianz anti-hawking changes.

A reminder that as of the 5 October 2021, Allianz and its partners must not offer insurance products for issue or sale or request or invite a retail customer to ask or apply for or purchase a product during an unsolicited outbound telephone call, a face-to-face meeting or any other real-time contact in the nature of a discussion or conversation (eg web chat or instant messenger).

In effect, this means that Allianz and its partners can generally not cross-sell unrelated financial products during contact that may be solicited for another product.

Anti-Hawking prohibits you from ‘unsolicited contact’ with customers to offer insurance.
‘Unsolicited contact’ is when you engage with your customer and they did not provide prior consent to you contacting them.

Changes to the referral process

Referrals can only be made through an online referral form instead of email. This form can be used immediately, from 5 October any quote emails sent to Allianz will auto-reply requesting the online form be completed.

Reach out to your BDM for any questions.