ALI is here to help Aussies save where it counts

04th Apr, 2022 | Branch News 5 April 2022, Lender Updates

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ALI has increased the Extra Benefits savings available to their customers.

Affordability issues are impacting some Australians with rising house prices, the cost of living increasing and the looming rise of interest rates. When money is tight, additional expenses such as life insurance can be hard to justify. But ALI doesn’t believe Australian home and property buyers should have to sacrifice their financial protection.

That’s one of the key reasons ALI has increased the Extra Benefits savings available to their customers from two popular supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, to 7.5%.  That means, an available saving of $75 for every $1,000 spent at those stores.

Extra Benefits is an everyday savings program available to ALI customers. Their life insurance policy provides them peace of mind in the event an unexpected event occurs such as a serious illness or even death, and with Extra Benefits, they can save on everyday items like groceries and fuel, and other things we all love such as dining out, ordering in, going to the movies, travel, retail therapy and much, much more.

ALI’s Extra Benefits is designed to help their customers save money. In fact, when you look at what the average Aussie household spends, Extra Benefits could help them save over $2,000 a year*.  The amount an ALI customer might save could be the same or even more than the cost of their annual ALI insurance premium.

What’s more, ALI authorised brokers also get to enjoy the savings!

They are making sure their authorised brokers have everything they need to help their clients understand how Extra Benefits may assist them, including a handy savings calculator tool, customer-facing flyer, website and more.

If you have any questions, refer to your YBR Financial BDM.

*Calculated using data from Household Expenditure Survey, Australia, 2015-16, ABS and and the maximum Extra Benefits discounts per category current as of 1 March 2022. Extra Benefits Terms & Conditions apply. Discounts are subject to change.