AFCA Renewal – Final Reminder

26th Jul, 2022 | Branch News 26 July 2022, Lender Updates

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AFCA Expires on the 31st of July.

As you would be aware, AFCA memberships expire on the 31st of July.  AFCA will have sent renewal invoices directly to brokers and brokers will have until the 31st of July to pay their yearly membership. Due to the volume of renewals to be processed by AFCA, we suggest you renew as soon as practicable after receipt of the invoice to ensure continuity of membership.

AFCA has advised that this price will be approximately $66.00. Please note that if you are a Corporate Credit Representative under YBR’s ACL you will require a Company AFCA Membership. Directors of this company will be covered by the Company membership, however individual membership is required for non-directors.

Once you have renewed your membership, please download your Membership Certificate and email a copy to [email protected]