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How to guide: Activity Calendar

The CIAB Activities Calendar allows you to easily plan muti-tactic marketing campaigns using pre built tasks and events that are scheduled for you for optimal execution of the campaigns.

Basic Operations

The calendar will default to showing you the current month with the current date highlighted in yellow. You can move between months by using the forward and back

ward arrows and you can click “today” to quickly navigate back to the current month.

Important: After making changes to the calendar, you must press the “Save” button for these changes to be saved.

Adding a New Campaign

To add a new campaign, start by clicking the “Add New Campaign” button. 


A pop up box will come up letting you select your desired campaign and your desired start date.

Add the details and then click "OK" to confirm.

Important: The start date you select corresponds to the date your campaign is set to go live. As preparation is required to launch your campaign, it is essential to select a start date at least two weeks to a month in the future.

Adding More Than One Campaign

You can add more than one campaign at a time to the CIAB Activities Calendar by repeating the steps used to add the first campaign. This is useful to plan your marketing activities throughout the year.

Hint: You should never plan to run two campaigns concurrently as this is not possible. Your branch website can only be set to display one campaign at a time. Add second campaigns to your CIAB Activities Calendar after your first campaign is set to finish ensuring there are no clashes.

Marketing Tactics

Marketing tactics are divided into 10 general categories that are displayed under “Tactic Type” on the left side of the calendar.

Tasks displayed on the calendar are colour coded to match their tactic type.
While it is advised that for each campaign, all marketing tactics are utilised, you can choose which tactics to use and which tactics to not use.

To remove a tactic, simply click the tactic type. This will turn the tactic off and remove all associated tasks in the CIAB Activities Calendar that use that particular tactic.






Local Tactics

Local tactics are activities such as team sponsorships, stalls in shopping centres and booths at local festivals or events. The key feature of local tactics is that you, your branch, your campaign and the Yellow Brick Road brand are visible in your local community.

To plan a local tactic, click the “Add Local Tactic” button.

Fill in the details of "Title", "Description" and the desired date the event will take place (this can be modified later if needed).

This will add a new untitled event to the CIAB Activities Calendar on the chosen date date as seen in the picture on the left.

You will need to click on the event and give it a title and description then drag it to the correct date you wish to hold the event.




Editing Events and Tasks

To edit an event or task, simply click on it and change the Title, Description and/or the start date followed by clicking “Ok”. 

Hint: This is useful for personalising your reminders to ensure nothing is forgotten or changing the date of events between months.


Deleting an Event or Task

It is possible to delete an event or task by clicking on it and then checking the box next to “Delete this Event?”. Remember to confirm the action by clicking “OK”.

Changing the duration or date of Events/Tasks

Events and tasks are populated by default when starting a new campaign. If the suggested event/task schedule does not suit you, it can be changed and personalised.

To change the date of an event, simply click, hold and drag it to another date.

To change the duration of an event, move your cursor to the right hand side of an event box until the cursor changes shape. You can then click and drag to the right and downwards to extend the time of the event. 

Hint: To change the new event to a different month, drag the event up or down until it is placed into a date that corresponds with the previous/next month. You can then use the calendar controls to switch months and repeat the process if needed. 



Q) Who do I contact for help?

A) Your branch marketing manager is the best person to contact for help and support with CIAB and the CIAB calendar.

Q) Can I run campaigns for shorter than the recommended time?

A) This is not recommended as a certain period of time is needed for all tactics to work. It is generally reccomended to run a campaign for 3 months so you can still run 4 different campaigns per year.

Q) Can I run campaigns for longer than the recommended time?

A) If you are experiencing success with a particular campaign, it is acceptable to run it for longer then the recommended time. However, be cautious as switching campaigns up can greatly rejuvinjate engagement. 

Q) Can I run only a few tactics for a campaign?

A) This is not reccomended as best results are achieved by running a multi tactic campaign that is well targeted and executed across all channels. 

Q) Can I print my calendar out?

A) This feature of planned to be implemented in the future. The best way to print currently is to take a screenshot of each month and print the screenshot.

Q) Can two people use the calendar at the same time?

A) To prevent a mismatch of data in the calendar, only one person in your team can edit the calendar at one time. Don't worry, we have a feature that will lock others out if someone is already editing the calendar.